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Vital Updates, January 2016

Welcome New Members

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In the News

Mountville Announces Stronger, Longer Lasting Mat Backing

Mountville Mills announced that a new rubber compound will be used as backing on select mats starting in January 2016. The new material is stronger with a higher tensile and higher elastic modulus. The Nitrile EXS rubber compound is less likely to distort when exposed to high extraction speeds in larger washing equipment. The added strength also reduces the carpet shrinkage when the mat is exposed to hot water temperature. The new rubber compound will be on all 52 mil and 65 mil rubber mats in all of the different backing options. 90 mil mats will continue to be produced with the former rubber compound. According to Mountville Mills, this new compound has been tested more than any other new product development in the history of the company. Seven off site laundries wash tested the mats, in addition to the thousands of washings conducted in the plant/lab. For a complete fact sheet go to:

Free FR Care Webinar

On January 27th at 1PM ET, Hugh Hoagland presents a FREE 1 hour informative webinar: Care and Maintenance of PPE for Arc Flash and Flash Fire: Incidents and Issues for Practical Applications Topics include: Laundry concerns and chemical outcomes for workers using flame resistant garments including conflicting studies on off gassing and other rumors and some facts on multiple flame resistant fabrics. For more information and to register, go to:

BIC Vertical Market GuideBIC Vertical Market Guide

BIC has created a Vertical Marketing Guide that allows you to target potential new clients and increase account penetration. Based on data analysis and top trends, BIC’s merchandising specialists have identified their top products in each category to create this invaluable resource. Contact Balinda Gonser at (866) 563-9929 for your copy. For an online version of the guide go to:

New President at HLAC

HLAC’s Gregory Gicewicz recently completed his term as President of the organization. During his tenure, Greg was a tremendous help to Universal Unilink Members who tapped his vast knowledge of healthcare processing. He graciously presented at conferences and spent hours by phone with individual Members. John Scherberger, assumed the position of President of the Board of Directors of HLAC for 2016. Scherberger is a director on HLAC’s Board and founder of Healthcare Risk Mitigation. Access a recent interview with Greg on hospital linens and disease transmission at


Universal Unilink has formed an alliance with TRSA which will enable Member to access TRSA’s training at discount pricing. For details, log in to the Members’ Only section at .

Tax Breaks Now Permanent

The Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act of 2015, which was passed by the House and the Senate at the end of last week and signed into law by President Obama, extends a number of important tax breaks, and makes many of them permanent. According to a report from Top 100 Firm Singer Lewak, the law makes many deductions, credits and other tax provisions permanent. For a complete list of tax extensions go to: