Welcome Paper Place

We have been around for 52 years, we’re located in Dallas, Texas, and we print custom napkins and disposable cups. Our napkins are 3-ply and linen-like material, they are high quality. They are very consistent in size, shape, and fold. The weave of the material is tight and takes an ink/foil/or digital imprint very well. We offer 4 different sizes, and they are beverage, luncheon, dinner napkins, and guest towels. Our cups are predominantly screen-printed. We have a lot of different styles and sizes for a variety of occasions. Paper, Styrofoam, Soft or Hard Plastic – we have a style to fit your needs.
We pride ourselves on our customer service. We want to make certain you feel confident ordering from us, and we have a tradition of reliability. We do that by keeping our pricing on our website accurate and up to date at all times. All of our customer service team has updated information from our inventory. If you have an issue, we can solve it for you. We have several different ways to print. If you have any questions, we have people who will be able to talk you through the order and help serve your customer best.