Extended strap keyholders are popular

Back to School Trends

Rucksack style backpack

Rucksack style backpack

It seems like the school year just ended, but we’re already thinking Back to School shopping and promotions. We looked at trends to see what students are going to want to carry around with them when Fall comes and have identified a few items beyond the usual shopping list.

Rucksack styling in backpacks is hot – both in retail and high-end luggage, the drawstring closure with flap is everywhere. It’s a more stylish, higher-end take on the traditional backpack and popular with high school and college age students. Leather accents, rivets, buckles – all those extra touches are popular with the fashion-conscious crowd.

Backpacks with extra tech-friendly functionality like earbud holes, or side pockets for water bottles and extra handles for easy clip-on storage are highly sought after. These thoughtful, practical touches set a bag apart and combined with trendy colors and streamlined shapes, will make one pack stand out from the rest.

Grid Organizer

Grid Organizer

Organizers help keep tech gadgets in place as well as make-up and other school supplies. A great idea for students who have a lot of small odds and ends to keep up with. Super practical for high school and college age students who just tend to carry more stuff around during the day and use a locker less.

carabiner water bottles

Carabiner Clip Water Bottle

Clip it on! Carabiners are popular – water bottles with drink through lids and attached carabiners for clip on storage options are great for athletes and mobile hydrators alike. A stylish water bottle is a fashion accessory these days.

Extended strap keyholders are popular – everyone loves the brightly colored straps and attach more than keys. USBs, keychains, hand sanitizers, keycards, and more get hooked on and carried around. Show off school spirit with imprinted straps!

Upgrade your lunch tote! Bento boxes are all the rage, but you need a horizontal tote with an external water bottle pocket to make them work. Graduate to nicer tote that fits lunch and snacks for a full day on campus.

Back to school means more than pencils and rulers these days. From universities on down… recruitment fairs, book stores, enrollment packets, alumni groups, sororities/fraternities, dentists, pediatricians…they are all looking for unique and relevant ways to boost school spirit, brand loyalty and stay top of mind.

Margit Fawbush is Communications Manager at BIC Graphic North America. Visit the company’s website at bicgraphic.com.