RMK Worldwide

Now approaching their 36th year RMK Worldwide Inc. is known throughout the industry for their Apparel, Banks, Binoculars, Toys, Novelties, Diecast Vehicles, Appliances, Stress Relievers, Candy Dispensers and Unique Products.

RMK creates a vast variety of die cast vehicles including cars, boats, motorcycles, haulers and construction vehicles in an effort to assist distributors to sell their ideas to industries. Cars represent themes such as Speed, Power, Longevity , Stability, Money, History and innovative designs. Corporations such as the Computer Software Industry may use a car such as a Corvette or Lamborghini promoting their speed.

Financial Institutions who look for longevity may select a car that has been around such as a vintage Dodge Challenger or Mustang. Other distributors who have clients such as Insurance Companies approach RMK and they possibly suggest diecast motorcycles should they wish to capture sales for that industry. With full printing facilities in Fort Lauderdale , Florida and factories in Mainland China, RMK’s creative possibilities are endless. Please request our 2021 wholesale contract price list. We have the software and personal to interpret CAD (computer aided design) drawings guaranteeing a true replica. We can mould and tool just about anything and the fine details we can produce are endless.

We are also contract printers. Owning our Screen Printing and Embroidery Machines gives us the edge over our competition. Other services available are :

  • Warehousing
  • Dropship and Fulfillment
  • Graphics and Design
  • Creative Services
  • IT and Technical Support.

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