StickerYou Joins the Universal Unilink Supplier Network

StickerYou has proprietary technology that enables it to provider Resellers any size, any shape, and any quantity custom die-cut products. The products include stickers, decals, labels, pouches, magnets and more. By offering products with no minimums, no set-up, no color or die-charges it enables Sales Reps to rarely say ‘no’ to a customer, or require their customer to order more than they need within the products we offer. The production technology automation built enables all products to be batch processed and both ganged and nested so there is the most cost effective pricing for small to medium size runs in the industry – where set-up amortization costs are highest per unit. On average this enables 82% of all quote opportunities to result in StickerYou being the most cost effective solution which wins them far more business!

In addition to the unlimited flexibility we offer customers in their ordering the innovation in products enables the most variety of sticker materials and formats in the industry. Sticker materials include die-cut singles offered in white vinyl, clear, holographic and glitter materials. Formats include pages, mini-pages, rolls, kiss-cut and die-cut single offerings. Roll stickers come in 7 different materials including colored foils, durable bopps, and eco-safe paper options printed with food safe inks.

StickerYou has built a dedicated website called PromotedYou for Resellers so that they have industry- beating product sales and marketing tools to help win more business faster. There is an instant quote- calculator and shipping timeline tool and a free samples form.

Buying stickers, labels, and decals can be confusing. That’s why we’ve designed our process to be as simple as possible. Here are some of the great benefits when you work with StickerYou:

  • No Minimums – You’ll never have to say “no” to your client, no matter the size of the project.
  • No setup or die charge – Cost-effective low runs help to grow your accounts
  • Full color printing by default – Your client doesn’t see the world in black and white, their product’s don’t have to be.
  • Free Samples – Stickers are made to stick, so come and get some!

For more information about StickerYou and Universal Unilinks discount pricing for members, go to this link.