emblematic jewelry

The Growing Emblematic Jewelry Market

All too often Distributors say to us, “We just don’t get calls for lapel pins.” Our response … “take another look! Your clients are buying this product.” By scanning the following brief points, you will discover very lucrative opportunities!

Let’s start with the premise – The majority of your clients are likely purchasing emblematic jewelry starting with lapel pins and evolving into many other items. Why do I say that? Think of the personal activities of the principals … religious organizations, children’s sports clubs, membership associations, they all purchase lapel pins!

Where do they buy them now? From your competitor, quite likely. Or maybe an online vendor? You provide much better service and care, not to mention better pricing.

  • Recognition lapel pins – Not just recognizing year of service, but also attitude, attendance, etc. Do not overlook safety programs and the corresponding recognition.
  • Membership lapel pins – Groups and clubs love identifying with this jewelry.
  • Youth program lapel pins – The children trade pins at many events. The greater the perceived value of the pin; the greater the trading value.
  • School lapel pins – Graduation, alumni donations, special clubs.
  • Special event or identification lapel pins – Hotels use them frequently for VIP’s in the group sales events.

I have touched on lapel pins, but emblematic jewelry is so much more. You can make a lapel pin emblem into many other products utilizing the same die – you get the benefit of combined pricing and can work with you client on small quantities by combining the orders.

  • Lapel pins can be made into cufflinks, blazer buttons, key tags, money clips, pushpins, charms, wine glass charms (great 4Q gift item), earrings, marble paperweights, and many other items.
  • With different sizes, you can offer your client challenge coins, holiday ornaments, bookmarks and many other suggestions.
  • Provide a custom message card with each product. Let the recipient know why they are receiving these gifts.

Harvey Mackler, MAS, GEMPIRE
(800) 243-4321, gempire.com