Venus Group Expands its US Manufacturing with Automated Production of Disposable Face Masks

US-based global textile manufacturer Venus Group has begun producing 3-ply disposable face masks at its South Carolina manufacturing plant, delivering a combined total of nearly 10 million disposable and reusable face masks since March in response to the current COVID-19 global pandemic.

The initiative further expands Venus Group’s PPE (personal protective equipment) product offering to now include critical items like disposable and reusable face masks, isolation gowns, face shields, and a range of other healthcare textiles for professionals and frontline workers.

When demand for face masks surged in March and April, there was virtually no PPE production in place in the US. Supply uncertainty, overseas price gouging, and customs delays were among the many challenges to getting crucial PPE widely distributed in the early days of the pandemic.

Anticipating these challenges, Venus Group moved rapidly to begin contributing to the US production. By leveraging its global supply chain and over 48 years of industry experience, Venus Group converted a portion of its multi-million-dollar infrastructure in South Carolina, installing new automated machines to produce millions of 3-ply disposable face masks each month in its ISO 9001-certified facility.

At its Foothill Ranch, California location in April, Venus Group also established production of washable face masks made with Milliken BioSmart™ patented fabric technology. Distribution of these and other PPE items helped fill urgent needs across hospitals, care centers, and other high-risk sites.

“Our established US footprint over the last 48 years has allowed us to quickly setup local production for disposable face masks,” explained Venus Group founders Kirit Patel and Raj Patel. “This decision is a reflection of our deep commitment to US manufacturing and distribution, as well as to the health and safety of our critical care workers and citizens.”

Domestic manufacturing and distribution of PPE items allow Venus Group to maintain greater product quality control and offer faster and more reliable delivery times. The US market in turn lowers its reliance on imports while local communities receive an economic boost.

Venus Group is following product engineering guidelines and maintaining compliance with regulatory review. “Conforming to FDA guidelines was critical to ensuring that we offer only high-integrity products that meet the strictest safety standards,” stated Nipun Patel, Venus Group Director of Strategy and Innovation. Venus Group is an FDA Registered Manufacturer of 3-ply.

About Venus Group, Inc.

Venus Group is a minority-owned ISO 9001 certified textile manufacturer based in Foothill Ranch, California. Company and PPE product information can be found at For quote requests or other inquiries, email