Maevn Scrubs


As a global supplier of scrubs, Maevn Uniforms honors the unique commitment shared by all medical professionals to improving lives by an equal commitment to improving the scrubs they wear. A diverse catalog of styles offers solutions to fit every customer’s priority, whether it be a need for durability, comfort, or performance.

From concept to completion, Maevn’s team works hard to provide expert-level scrub wear to a large network of retailers. High-quality materials are sourced from across the globe by the company’s CEO and owner, who personally ensures that each fabric meets company standards. Once the fabric is selected, designers implement their extensive research and development to create thoughtful, on-trend designs, tailored to fit the changing market of scrub wearers.

Before production begins, each scrub set undergoes a series of fit and wear tests to guarantee that customers are receiving a product that exceeds the expectations of today’s medical professionals.

Maevn’s commitment to improving scrubs goes beyond the product itself as the company also strives to improve your scrub buying experience. Attentive customer service representatives are available at the corporate office to assist with every order, online or written. Simultaneously, a team of Maevn-exclusive sales reps provides each of the company’s retailers with a personal and professional line of communication, including assistance with group orders, product placement, and updates on new collections.

For more information on how you can be a part of the expert-level experience provided by Maevn Uniforms, view the products on, contact customer service via email at or call (800) 993-1841. Be sure you indicate that you are a Universal Unilink Member to get program pricing.