Turn your invoices into cash

Promotional Capital

Cash flow is the lifeline for any business, especially as the business grows. The most common issues companies face during times of growth are paying salaries, having cash to fund large orders with prepayments, securing clients that are requiring payment terms, and managing overhead increases as the business scales. During this time, sales are increasing; cash is streaming out of the business at a rate faster than receivables are being paid. This causes a natural gap in funding that needs to be addressed to keep the business moving forward.

Since 2009, Promotional Capital LLC has been providing working capital solutions to businesses of all sizes. Our funding products are designed to help fill the cash flow gap when your company is waiting 30-60-90 days to get paid. The sale of accounts receivables, a process known as factoring, provides an effective source of funds when your current working capital is not enough to seize a business opportunity or to cover current needs including: payroll, advances, production and general overhead.

By turning your accounts receivables into cash immediately you can manage your cash flow and grow your business. We base our funding decisions on the creditworthiness of customers, not the credit of you or your company. If your company has products or services that it offers to a credit worthy customer, then your business is a good candidate for our services.

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