Fall is a time of anticipation

Let’s get to work!

For me, Fall is a time of anticipation. The slow pace of summer and relaxing with friends and family is drawing to a close. I have seen businesses reduce their summer hours to give owners and employees a chance to spend time with loved ones. But as Fall approaches, there is a definite feeling of renewed purpose—much needs to be done! School starts up again and our minds automatically switch to a “back to work” mode as the leaves turn color.

If you are still in “vacation mode,” you need to shake yourself out of it because opportunities are all around you to grow your business. We spoke with ADI’s Steve Kallenbach to get his insight into the economic landscape. It looks very good for Members who can take advantage of the intersection of national mergers and economic prosperity. Read how you can position your business for these opportunities that come once in a lifetime.

When opportunity presents itself, will you be able to recognize it? Member Rob Sneed relates how his business changed dramatically because he was able to take care of his customers in completely new ways. His new business model is thriving and we could not be more pleased that Universal Unilink is playing a role. Read the MarkaBull Member interview here.

One of the ways we helped Rob, and all our Members, is by linking them to great Suppliers with great products at great prices. We are always on the hunt for Suppliers that can fill in missing needs you may have. In this issue we are proud to introducing six new Preferred Suppliers that will benefit laundries and distributors alike. We even have an apparel supplier just for our Canadian Members that I think will be a big hit. Not to worry–we are in talks with them to get their product line into the USA soon. Read more about Biz Collection.

Give our new Suppliers a try. Let us know what you think. And while you’re at it, tell us what else is on your mind. We value input from our Members as we strive to make Universal Unilink a great value and an indispensable partner in the growth of your business. But we need your help to do that.

Let’s get to work!