Breakaway Conference

Mission Accomplished

Our Breakaway Conference in Orlando was a great time of sharing and learning. If you have been paying attention to all our communications, you know that we focused on giving attendees the tools they need to “breakaway” from their competitors in a quickly changing marketplace. Mission accomplished.

We put together a few snapshots from the conference here to give you a taste of the experience. A little like showing you a picture of a steak—you have to encounter it in person to fully understand the sizzle of new ideas from peers or touching an exhibitors products.

Our speakers challenged attendees and shared tools to help in a competitive marketplace. But fear not if you weren’t there—some of our speakers have packaged a little bit of the sizzle right here in this magazine. Barb Hendrickson has advice for you to apply to your online marketing here and T. Ray Phillips gives you things to consider before exiting your business at this link.

We have more great content to help you manage change in your business. Troy Lovins explains the “Art of Delegating” and Michael Mirarchi, Manager of Sales Training for RJ Schinner, explains how to “I.C.E. your competition.” And don’t forget to read Joe Rubbelke’s conclusion to “Route Sales Promotions.”

We have talked about the changing marketplace and I realize that in order to “breakaway” from the completion, we must first “breakaway” from our old habits. Everyone at Universal Unilink is striving to do a better job for you, our Members. You can be a part of building a better association by giving us some feedback.

If you did not attend the conference in Orlando this year, can you tell us why? It will go a long way towards building a purchasing association that is focused on you and your needs. It will only take a minute at this link.