prepare to win with Universal Unilink

Prepare to Win

As a southern boy, I have never enjoyed the cold. But after many years of invitations from Member Roger Halverson, I finally joined Roger and Member Randy McKernan on an ice fishing trip in northern Minnesota. Of course, I was fully prepared with cold-weather outerwear procured just for the occasion. My jacket and the hospitality were warm and we had a great time of catching up.

The experience reminded me that success is impossible without preparation. The more important the endeavor, the more intense the prepare. We feel that the resources and connections Universal Unilink brings to the table are a vital component of your business preparation for success.

Member Bill Muske of Mid City Services is a model of preparation. You’ve no doubt read in past issues of his year over year growth. Bill recently completed a FREE program which he calls an amazing “MBA for small business owners that want to grow.” Companies completing the training designed by Babson College have achieved 67.2% growth in just six months and continued to grow and prosper. Bill has implemented much of what he learned. Learn more, including how to be considered for a slot.

Member Larry Tinkleman and his sons, Kevin and Scott, have a reputation for developing creative solutions for their customers’ marketing dollars which landed them on ASI’s Top 100 list. You’ll enjoy learning about what drives the amazing growth at this growing company.

At our conference, TRSA’s Ken Koepper presented an eye-opening look at the Industry Performance Report. This survey—free to our Members—shows in detail how your laundry stacks up against the best in the industry. If you want to improve your bottom line, the preparation starts with data to show you where to focus. Read more about it.

No doubt many of you watched the Winter Olympics. Years of training culminating in glorious victory and Olympic gold for these amazing athletes. It is my desire that Universal Unilink plays the part of coach in your quest for the gold as you compete for new business. Please let us know how we can help you prepare to win!