Allan and Gayle Fowler at the 2014 Business Development Conference

Leaders in Innovation

You’ve heard me say it before . . . Universal Unilink Members are leaders in innovation. When a group comes together, excitement, motivation, improvement and growth result. This leadership and innovation has been much in evidence in 2015 as laundry Members formed the “EDGE Group” to share best practices and drive growth. Currently focused on lead generation, exciting new strategies are developing.

A direct sell group met with alphabroder in the Spring to discuss ways to grow business. alphabroder leaders listened and new marketing tools and training have already been introduced (See Vital Updates).

Individual Members have evaluated new products, programs and suppliers. For example, Bill Muske of Mid City Services recently analyzed a chemical program which is very promising for small to medium laundries. Watch for information in future eUpdates.

Don’t miss the next opportunity to meet with other owners, industry and business experts and preferred suppliers. See the enclosed schedule of workshop and presentations and come prepared to spend time sharing ideas and best practices. Register now for the 2015 Business Development Conference, September 30 – October 2 in Isle of Palms just outside Charleston, SC. Download information at or call today.

This site is packed with information to help you reduce costs and build business. Should you use Facebook or other social media to market your company? On page16, both direct sellers and rental laundries say Yes! Don’t miss ways to sell uniform programs rather than products; High Performance Training for laundries; how to build a motivated, productive team and dozens of other articles and products that will set you apart from your competition.