Spring Into Action

Although it’s officially spring, it seems that winter doesn’t want to release us from it’s icy grip. But signs that springtime is coming is evident in the budding trees and daffodils. What strikes me most about this season is the feeling that everything is “new” again. The grass is greener. The air smells cleaner.

That feeling of “new” seems evident in the world of commerce too. By most accounts, our economy is still doing great and that means opportunities for all of us: new contacts, new prospects, new business.

For both Distributors or Laundries, this issue introduces several new Preferred Suppliers offering exciting products and services to help you build business. After producing scrubs for major brands for many years, Maevn launched their line of hi tech performance scrubs and lab coats at pricing that will help your margins. Prime Medical introduced a cubicle curtain with amazing antimicrobial properties in four colors. Simply by laundering with an EPA-registered bleach, the fabric retains a lasting shield of chlorine molecules. In lab testing, the bound chlorine killed bacteria and viruses with 99.9% effectiveness for up to 75 commercial washes. Watch for scrubs and lab coats coming soon with this same technology. Be first in your market to introduce these products to your healthcare clients and prospects.

Storm Duds offers an amazing line of custom imprinted umbrellas and ponchos. The company holds 800 collegiate licenses as well as the Major League baseball, Minor league Baseball and Major League Soccer licensee for raingear.

You will also find new technology suppliers to help you build business, keep operations running smoothly and control costs. Speartek’s expertise in B2B e-commerce and company stores will help you streamline processes and reduce cost while growing sales. Textile Technologies and Spin Cycle offer route accounting and more for laundries from the smallest to larger operations.

Viedera Enterprises in Montreal partnered with Calderon Textiles to bring Calderon’s hospitality and healthcare linen to Canada. Calderon’s popular Grab a Rag is also in stock.

This year also promises constant change. Consolidation of major national laundries has created growth opportunities for independents, both laundries and distributors. We’ve worked with Members who were rocked by Carhartt’s changes in distribution to find new sources for the Carhartt line as well as alternates to that brand. The entire VF line is available through Barrington Apparel which may help Members forced to wholesale sources by price increases.

Please call with your suggestions for how we can better assist you and make 2019 the best year ever. We’d also love hearing about your successes whether you’ve landed new accounts or developed new processes for reducing costs.