builing an email list

Email Marketing

One of the most important aspects of any business is a strong and healthy email list. The ability to send content to a wide range of people is extremely beneficial to any organization. You can send offers to people who are hesitant to buy your wares, and you can convince people to shop from you again if they have not bought anything for a while. Despite how useful email lists are, many companies have trouble building and maintaining them.

If you are struggling to develop a good email list, you can use these tips for guidance.

Developing Your Platform & Strategy

If you are beginning the process of developing an email list, the first thing you need to do is select a platform to work on. Sending out individual emails to a wide list of clients is too much work, which is why email service platforms are very beneficial. These platforms can collect and store email addresses from different people, and they can send emails to multiple people at once. Typically, you want to use an email service that offers templates for mobile-friendly emails and detailed analytics, as these are effective email marketing tools.

Once you have selected a platform to work with, you need to start developing your email strategy. In order to develop a strategy that fits your business model, you need to ask yourself a few questions. What people are you interested in reaching out to? What kind of content do you plan to offer with the emails you send out? Once you have a good strategy you can start the process of collecting emails.

Generating New Leads via Email

Once you have a platform and strategy in place, it is time to start gathering contacts for your email list. To start collecting emails, you need to put an email sign up form somewhere on your website. Try putting the form in places that customers will visit often, such as your company’s blog or on the checkout page. In addition, you need to make sure that it is easy for people to fill out the form because if the process is too cumbersome no one will subscribe.

After someone subscribes to your email list, make sure to send out a welcome or thank you message. By sending out this message, you are letting your subscribers know that you are thankful for their support, and ensure that they stick around for a long time. Depending on the business you operate, you might want to ask new subscribers if there is anything you can help them with. The responses you get can help you determine what kind of content you can send out in the future.

Enticing Offers & Giveaways are Attractive

Another great way to gather new emails for your list is to offer enticing and interesting content in the emails you send out. Online shoppers love getting discounts and coupons, so try offering them to the people who subscribe to your email list. On top of this, try to offer other types of exclusive content, like videos, that your customers cannot find anywhere else.

One other good tactic involves setting up a giveaway or contest. People like to win free things, especially if those free things have a lot of value. Since people will need to enter their email addresses to enter your giveaway, you will be able to generate many new leads as a result. Try to offer an enticing prize that has a lot of value, since this will get more people to enter the giveaway.

Keeping Subscribers Interested

As your email list continues to grow, you need to understand the importance of maintaining subscriber interest. If your clients are not interested in the content you are providing, they might unsubscribe from your email list, leaving you with fewer leads. The following tips and tricks can help you fine-tune your content so you can avoid losing subscribers.

First, avoid using specific words, like “free,” in your subject line. Many email filters identify emails that use words like this as spam, and if the email is sent to the spam folder your customers probably won’t find it. Next, you want to include calls-to-action in your emails so you can get subscribers to engage with your brand. Make sure to include these CTAs higher up in the message so people can easily find and use them.

Kevin Rehberger, Content Strategist, Fortune Web Marketing
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