Your Invisible Sales Person

Someone is trying to buy from you! Can’t you make it a little easier for them to find you!

The people that are looking for your business are both willing and usually able to do business with you. In the laundry industry that is rare. Contracts make “Willing and Able” customers hard to find.

This is where Google Adwords comes in.

When people are looking for laundry rental they enter in “KEYWORDS” into Google. When this occurs Google presents two types of companies -the top four companies shown are advertisers with Google, these companies pay Google only if someone clicks on their web site. The sites listed after the advertisers, known as “Organic sites” are often large companies with active web sites that have been structured to show up on Google Search Engine when people put in Keywords that are relevant.

Small companies have a difficult time showing up in the “organic” search engine for Google, so your best bet may be the advertising slots at the top of Google. To get in this position you will need to set up a Google Adwords account to pay for the ads and a Google Campaign ad that concentrates on the keywords you want to go after. The amount you pay is up to you. Start low, see where you position is, then raise your bids to get to the top four.

Make sure your keywords are specific, for instance, using the word “Mats” will have people clicking on your account for car mats, home floor mats, etc. Keywords like “Rental floor mats” and “Mat Service” are much more specific and will weed out the people looking for different types of matting.

Google Adwords also lets you be specific about the geographic area that can see your ad. Why would you want someone in Topeka to click on your ad if you service the Atlanta area? By creating geographic boundaries in Google Adwords your less likely to have people click on your ad from outside of the area.

If you are inexperienced at setting up Google Ads, not to worry – just google “Google Adwords”, they will help you set it up. You can even contact them and they will help you step by step. I have used Google ads for the past four years and it has been invaluable for creating leads.

Bill MuskeMid City Services Minneapolis

Bill has been a Universal Unilink Member since 2008. If you’d like to learn more about his method for creating leads with Google Adwords, you can reach him at (763) 228-2476.