Let’s Make This A Great Year Together

More than 60% of Universal Unilink Members completing a recent survey reported a banner year in 2014. More than 30% of that group reported double digit growth! Several reported that 2014 was the best year in the history of your company. Even better, the outlook for 2015 is for more of the same.

In an atmosphere of continued uncertainty despite strong numbers from Wall Street, what is driving this growth? Both ILs and direct sellers report getting calls from companies looking for better service than what they receive from the large national players. There has never been a better time to emphasize your excellent, local service and the fact that you belong to a national buying group to help control product cost. Check out The Rental Sales Rep’s article on page 14 which outlines advantages of doing business with Independents.

In looking at strategy for 2015, Members mentioned using information received from fellow Members at the annual Conference in planning. Months later, we continue receiving calls from Members who understand the value of using Universal Unilink suppliers and want assistance in transitioning. In fact, in this issue, David Caplan reports directing business to Preferred Supplier, Dunbrooke, with excellent results. Using our Preferred Suppliers differentiate your business in the marketplace and strengthens our position with our vendors resulting in better pricing and terms in the future.

Speaking of better pricing, a critically important survey should be in your mailbox. Your information will never be disclosed and will be used only to update total group purchasing power by product segment. Take a moment to fill in and return the information as soon as possible. By working together to strengthen the group, each individual Member benefits. Remember

TEAM . . . Together, Everyone Accomplishes More.