allan speaking at the 2016 Conference

The Winds of Change

Change is in the air. Can you feel it? I’m not talking about the cooling temperatures and falling leaves; I’m talking trends, the market, the consumer. I’m talking business.

This year’s conference and this issue of The Advantage are full of content to help you see and plan for the future. Start with Ron Evan’s article “The Constancy of Change” ( on how to watch for the subtle changes happening now that will affect your business in major ways in the future. His advice is timely. According to Cowen & Co., Amazon is expected to become the largest apparel seller by the end of the year, with a projected $62 billion in annual apparel sales by 2021.

With their introduction of private label brands, Amazon posted amazing growth in apparel from basics such as polos and workwear to fashion forward trends such as Athleisure. For more on this market which is expected to reach $83 billion by 2020, flip to “Athleisure.”  From Amazon to continued consolidation and the growth of Cintas’ direct sell business, many laundries and distributors have felt the pinch of change.

E-commerce is a major factor in these changes, but the trends aren’t all new. Find out “Why Websites Are Still Relevant In 2017” and how you can use yours to reach new customers.

Some changes in business aren’t about new markets and trends, but instead shifts in your own customer-base. Troy Lovins of Performance Matters discusses the “Third Dimension of Profit”  and how to identify customers that may be costing you.

Not all the change coming your way is ominous. Some can be great for your business. Conference attendees have their fingers on the pulse of a shifting marketplace and are happy to share their strategies. The 2017 Conference and Expo attendees will network and hear from business and industry leaders like Ron Evans of RJ Evans’s & Associates, Barb Henderickson of Visible Communication and many more. These presenters bring award-winning expertise and go-to-market strategies. Don’t miss it. Start the change in yourself by registering today at or call (888) 830-7872.