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Make a plan and stick to it

We are well into 2016 and I hope you are putting all of your planning into action! If you have no plans, it’s high time you made some. Our interview with Dan Broudy of Clayton Kendall reveals just what can happen when you set up systems for success. By relentlessly tracking all of their metrics, Clayton Kendall grew to a multi-million dollar company serving multi-location businesses around the world. Read Dan’s story on page 14. Perhaps you are under the impression that systems and planning are only for “big” companies with years of experience. In our interview with Member Joe Bozzo you will find that new ventures can succeed by setting goals and pushing to reach them. Joe and his company, Premier Linen & Supply, is a relative newcomer to the industrial laundry segment. Find out how he was able to hit the ground running and build a successful enterprise on page 22. Planning for this new year is not the exclusive territory of our Members. We have projects in the works here at Universal Unilink that you’re going to love. One we can mention now: The 2016 Conference will be in San Antonio, Texas, September 14 – 16. Make sure you save the date and PLAN now to attend. While San Antonio was selected because of its beautiful, central location, it’s also steeped in a tradition of independence. You’ll be inspired by this historic venue as we focus on effective leadership and a clear plan for growth for the Independent. Watch your in-box for details.

Join us in San Antonio as we work to level the playing field for the Independent!

Allan Fowler