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Embracing Change

The ancient Greeks said that “Change should be embraced. It is the only constant in life.” Good advice that bears true today. Over the last forty years Member Don Abramson has faced change in his company, Keystone Tees, and emerged through the transition with a strong and thriving business. You can read his story on page six.

Ty Swain, CEO of Growth Dynamics notes that while many Independents in the uniform business are growing, they are often also struggling with change. Not embracing change makes growth more difficult. Ty points out the following ways change impacts business:

  •  Customers have changed but the sales rep fails to ask “What has changed and what should we do today to adapt and support your needs?”
  • A sales team is no longer performing well because customers have changed how they buy, but the sales team has not changed how they sell.
  • Management doesn’t know how to attract and hire the right salesperson because they don’t realize the sales role has changed.

Read Ty’s advice on hiring the right top performers at this link..

Looking for the resources and relationships to help you navigate the change in your company? Join us at the Business Development Conference as we explore how embracing change can streamline and accelerate growth. Hearing from industry experts as well as other business owners on this subject will accelerate your growth and profitability.

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You don’t need to face Change alone. Together we grow.