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Since my last report to you I have attended three conferences and put thousands of miles on our GMC van. I can’t think of a better way to spend my time than meeting with Universal Unilink Members (and potential Members too).

Based on our research with attendees, the Leadership16 conference was a hit— by some accounts the best conference we have put together yet. We understand that many of our Members could not attend due to conflicts or workload, so we have brought some Conference nuggets to you in this issue of The Advantage.

Generational marketing expert, Jabez LaBret, had the most positive feedback of our speakers. In his two presentations he gave us a lot to think about when communicating across age groups. You can read some of his tips to reach the increasingly important millennials.

John Dini received high marks from many attendees on his presentation, Hunting in a Farmer’s World. His metaphor illustrates the need to seek balance in any organization. His article The Immortal Business Goes On Forever presents business owners with some important questions that need answering if we want our businesses to provide value well into the future.

TRSA President, Joe Ricci and Fisher Phillips partner, Joe Shelton both gave us tremendously important insight into what recent regulations going through Washington mean to your profitability. Don’t miss Joe Ricci’s recap and Joe Shelton’s article in this month’s edition of The Advantage Online.

Another “must read” is the summary of How to Sell Up! Marketing Premium Products to Generate Exceptional Margins. Members Harvey Klein and Stuart Figel gave attendees the benefit of their combined decades of experience to maximize profits and increase value to all of your clients. This is great material you won’t want to miss.

All of these presentations and more are also available to you in the Members web site in the video library. It will be worth your time to watch, listen and take notes. I know it was for me.

We have put a lot of great conference material in this issue but I must tell you, this issue is no substitute for actually being there. Attendees told us again this year the same message we received from past conferences: the fantastic locations and the informative sessions are amazing, but the biggest takeaway from Leadership16 are the relationships attendees have made with other members and suppliers that prove to be an incredibly valuable resource long after the conference. Make your plans now to join us next year in Nashville Tennessee. You won’t want to miss it.

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Allan Fowler



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